Win or Lose: Bush to Face Major Challenges after November Election.

WASHINGTON D.C. (UCS News) With Republicans sagging in the polls and Democrats poised to take control of one or both houses in congress, the outlook is bleak for the president, but this is the least of George W. Bushs problems. With or without the support of congress the Bush administration must save face in Iraq, rebuild New Orleans and keep congressmen away from young boys. However the biggest problem George W. Bush will face for the last two years of his term is the fact that he is still is and has always been….an idiot.

Many are now saying the President has surrounded himself with the best Republicans money can buy, but the truth is they are all idiots just like their leader. Dick Cheney, who thought we could reduce our dependence on oil by drilling for more. No question he is an idiot. The same Dick Cheney, who thought we could defeat Al-Aqieda by attacking a totally different country. Donald Rumsfeld, who thought we could plan for the post war Iraq by just not thinking about it, Undeniably and idiot.

Now Condoleezza Rice is different, instead of being a white male idiot she is a black female idiot. This is the same Secretary of State that can’t make it through a speech without umming through sentence fragments like Jr. high debate team drop out. This on Secretary of State sent to negotiate the most sensitive issues with the worlds powerful leaders? Well…umm…She is an idiot.

Then we have Karl Rove, he is not an idiot. He is just plain evil. Karl Rove is not a man driven by policy or public good. He is man driven by power. Getting it, and keeping it are the motivation and reward. He has no interest serving the public good of the nation, Sorry not his department. Karl Rove may be the brain of George W. Bush he has not been able to do much with it. Message to Karl, winning wars isn’t like winning elections, yes both can be dirty, but no one dies when the loss an election.

In the words of Senator Hillary Clinton “It takes a village” and in this case the President is not the village idiot as many insist, but instead George W. Bush has built himself his own personal “village of idiots”. I would suggest to all that we do not take advise from an idiot, I suggest the we do not “Stay the course”.

To be frank I do not know exactly what we should do in Iraq, Afghanistan or Louisiana but I do know one thing for sure. We are all idiots if we expect the people that created this mess to have the will, ability, and talent to clean it up.