Wisconsin Governor Mark Walker Charged with Grand Larceny

Unconfirmed sources report that Wisconsin Governor Mark Walker has been arrested and accused of stealing jobs from Illinois. The Governor has already been extradited to Illinois and is currently being ‘interviewed’ by Illinois State Troopers.

“Mark Walker has made it clear since his election that he would do anything to get jobs for his state.” Said Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. “Tragically, we believe that he may have actually stolen some jobs from Illinois. We are questioning Walker and he is cooperating with our investigation.”

“It’s sad really,” says veteran Wisconsin political watcher Tim Graves, “Walker made a promise to get 270,000 jobs for Wisconsin and I think that he may have lost focus. I don’t think that he thought stealing jobs was going to be necessarily to make his goal when he started. It’s just sad.”

Walker’s fate is not all that uncommon these days, with jobs being so precious Economic Develop Officers across that nation have resorted to job stealing to fill their quotas. The temptation to steal jobs is just too great when actually creating jobs is difficult. Look for more prosecutions for job stealing as cities and states fight back to defend the jobs they have.