With No Age Requirement, 10-Month-Old Baby Gets Gun Permit In Illinois

Springfield, IL – – As the debate over gun control laws continues in the wake of the shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech University, one new gun owner in Illinois may ignite further arguments on the issue.

At only 10-months-old, Bubba Ludwig has a gun permit after his father, Howard Ludwig, filled out the form online and paid the $5 license fee.

Although it was not expected to go through, the state of Illinois ended up granting the license, saying there is no age restriction on the permit, and it is legally valid.

According to the family, the permit photo shows baby Bubba, with his newly acquired .38 automatic his father bought for him.

Dennis Wells, head of the local National Rifle Association (NRA) chapter, says that Bubba’s father has also applied for NRA membership for the toddler. “We would like to see more parents involve their youngsters in guns,” said Wells, “and the kids should carry a weapon at all times.. They can return fire if a drive-by shooting occurs in their neighborhood, shoot sexual predators if they are accosted by one. and assist the police, should there be a shooting at their school. Our goal is to see that every kid in the country has a gun and knows when to use it. We have suggested to Colt Arms that the make a lightweight .25 calibre automatic in decorator colors….great Christmas gift for the kids!”