World Series Delayed as Yankees Challenge Red Sox Victory Before Supreme Court!

Unconfirmed sources report the World Series will be delayed until the Supreme Court hears a challenge brought by the New York Yankees brought against the Boston Red Sox. All of baseball and the world is waiting with baited breath to see which team will be named American League Champion and advance to the World Series to face the St Louis Cardinals. The Court has already accepted the case and the legal battle is moving into high gear.

New York Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner, filed the lawsuit challenging the results of game seven shortly after the 9 inning blow out was completed. The suit alleges massive fraud and scoring irregularities by the Red Sox. The Supreme Court, made up of 4 Yankees fans and 3 Red Sox fans has agreed to take the case and has issued an injunction halting the World Series until they have made a ruling.

Boston fans are calling foul and have quickly assembled a legal team to secure a victory in court. Coach Terry Francona is determined to win game 7 all over again if he needs to. “We won that ball game. We won it, they know, I know, the whole world knows it. George Steinbrenner needs to cool it and take his lousy team home.”

Steinbrenner denies the outcome of the game. “That game was too close to call. I want to see a recount and I want to see it now. There was some serious run counting fraud in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th innings. We are demanding that the results of those innings be rejected and the score of the game recounted. The integrity of the game depends on the Supreme Court righting this horrible injustice. The world is waiting for justice!”

Yankees fans all across the country have taken to the streets demanding justice for their team. Riots have even broken out in several cities as Yankees fans clash with Red Sox fans over who won game seven.

“It wasn’t supposed to end this way.” Said 14-year-old New York resident Ricky Philps. “The Yankees are the best team in the whole wide world and there is no way those crappy Red Sox could win. They must have cheated. Those losers from Boston must have put something in the water or drugs in their food. This ain’t over.”

Sources from inside the Supreme Court indicate that the court is already deciding the winner of the game. The justices feel that an event this important to the world must be decided quickly to avoid long term resentment among sports fans.