Worlds Biggest and Smallest Together

Washington, DC (Rotters)- In a private ceremony attended only by family members, well-wishers, and administration insiders the current world record holders as established by Guinness for the titles “world’s biggest liar”, and “world’s smallest conscience”, met and reaffirmed their vows to each other. The ceremony was administered by the president’s personal pastor Reverend Luis Leon.

The Guinness Book of World Records confirmed and reaffirm the titles held by both men and stated that recent accomplishments by both virtually guaranteed their retention of the records for years to come.

“This has been a six-year partnership with literally hundreds of noteworthy benchmarks and milestones along the way,” stated White House press secretary Tony Snow. “The United States, and the world really owe these men a debt of gratitude for the sense of stability and positive outlook today in the Middle East, as well as the prospects for a prosperous and productive newly established democracy in Iraq.”

The couple will reportedly be taking the next two months off as a honeymoon, coinciding with an official vacation of Iraqi legislators during the hottest part of the summer in Iraq. The two will then return to hammer out an oil sharing deal in anticipation of the huge successes of the president’s surge strategy by September.