The theft, already one of the world’s largest incidents of corporate data theft, has so far seen US-based retailer TJX admit that 45.7 million credit and debit cards was stolen from the company in a computer data security breach.

Palm Beach (FL) police revealed today, that they have arrested Doris Killion, allegedly one of the world’s richest women, at her palatial 20 acre estate here.

Detective Hiram Glynn said they became suspicious when Killion’s name appeared in Forbes Magazine as perhaps one of the richest woman in the world.

” Last year at this time, Ms. Killion was working at Ben’s Seafood Restaurant as a waitress.” said Glynn. “We thought it unusual that suddenly she purchased a fifty six million dollar estate, a forty seven million dollar yacht, a Bentley auto, pounds of jewelry,… and we haven’t even completed the inventory. When we obtained a search warrant, we discovered five rooms in the house totally filled with computer printouts of credit card information apparently somehow stolen from TJ MAXX’s computers .”

Interrogated by Palm Beach Major Crime investigators, Ms. Killion said, ” It sure was fun while it lasted! All I had to do was to supply a credit card number, and merchandise rolled in. Just before I was arrested, I was negotiating with Danish Prime Minister, Hans Enoksen to buy Greenland. With global warming, it should become a nice vacation spot.”

Ms. Killion was asked how she obtained the credit card information. ” I brought up Google, and typed in, ‘Give me TJ Maxx’s credit card accounts’. It took two days before it stopped sending them, after my hard drive got full!”

In its latest issue, Forbes Magazine said it was deleting Doris Killion from its multi-rich list. In a short editorial, the magazine said that it checked Killion’s credit report for 2006 and found she had a checking account at a local bank with a balance of fourteen dollars and sixty-seven cents.

Google apologized and said it would take steps to see that this didn’t happen again.