Xbox Live Halo 2 Troopers NOT greeted as liberators in world of Second Life : Begin search for WMD

(Second Life, Ucs News Virtual edition) After a stunning invasion the army of Halo 2 troopers has set about its occupation of Second Life. Residents of Second Life have been asked to register with the Halo 2 provisional authority and are now living under harsh conditions of an unwanted occupation.

Spokesmen for the Halo 2 Troopers declared the intent of the invasion was to “stabilize” the world of Second Life and begin the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction. According to the Halo 2 Troopers, they have secret evidence that Al-Qaeda has infiltrated Second Life and is using the virtual world as a safe haven while they plan attacks against the United States of America and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Second Life officials speaking from an undisclosed location within the virtual community deny there is any links to terrorists organizations and residents of Second Life. Second Life Officials also deny the existence of any WMS in the unique, sometimes bizarre world of Second Life.

Chief Technology Officer Cory Ondrejka stated “The invasion of Second Life has more to do with the forced installation of Windows Vista and less to do with the search for terrorists and WMD.” According Ondrejka “Microsoft and it’s Xbox Live Halo 2 troopers were planning the invasion of Second Life before the 9/11 attacks and they are now using the search for WMD’s as an excuse for the attack.”

With Halo 2 troopers now manning checkpoints in the capital the citizens of Second Life are looking torward to a struggle for the control of their virtual home. They may not be struggling alone, sources from inside the virtual war zone claim that elements from from the the WIi systems “Pokemon Battle Revolution” and forces from the PS3’s “Resistance: Fall of Man” have entered Second Life to engage the Halo 2 troopers.