Xbox Live Halo 2 Troops Invade Second Life

Unconfirmed sources report that an unknown number of troopers from Xbox Live Halo 2 have attacked the online world of Second Life. The attack was launched yesterday and initial reports indicate that the Halo 2 troops have taken complete control of the larger land masses of Second Life. Linden Labs, owners of Second Life, has admitted that a small number of ‘terrorists’ have entered Second Life, but insists that the threat is being dealt with.

“We have the situation under control.” Insisted Linden Labs Chief Technology Officer Cory Ondrejka. “We have isolated the attackers on one server rack and have dispatched a Second Life Rapid Response Team to repel the invaders. We are making progress and ask the citizens of Second Life to support us on our efforts to kill the terrorists. We except to have order restored in just a few days.”

Second Life residents are giving a fragmented, but different view of the situation. According to our sources the invaders have established beachheads on dozens of server racks and have complete control over much of the world of Second Life.

“I was there when the attack started.” Says Second Lifer Potroast343. “The Halo 2 troopers just fell out of the ether and all hell broke lose. They took complete control of the area in a matter of minutes. Later, Second Life troops counter attacked but where totally out classed by the Halo 2 troopers. It wasn’t even close. The Halo 2’ers wiped them out with a ferocity I have only seen in a Quake Area fight. It was a horror show.”

“The area I was in got locked down late yesterday and only now just opened up.” Says Second Lifer Smokeater. “Everything looked the same except for the Halo 2 troopers stationed at the major intersections. I don’t know what is going on, but it’s bad.”

Microsoft, owners of the Xbox Live Network, have denied any involvement with the brazen attack. They claim to be working on their end to cut off any support the Halo 2’ers might be getting over the network connection between Second Life and the Xbox Live network.

The situation is very unstable and more reports will certainly follow.