Yoda Indicted : Kickbacks Taken from Death Star Salvage Contracts

(Coruscant :Republic Quarter) Ucs News : Members of the Jedi order were shocked today as the Imperial Senate approved a indictment against the Jedi master Yoda. According to the 17 count indictment Yoda accepted “Special Favors” and kickbacks from the Jabba Interstellar Salvage Consortium. Special prosecutor Mace Windu has been tasked with case.

Yoda remains free on his on recognizance, but has been placed on administrative leave by the Jedi high council. According to Mace Windu there is strong evidence that Yoda was reading disturbances in the force and passing tips to the Hutt’s associated business. In exchange The Hutt Consortium remodeled Yoda’s personal home on Dagobah. Records show the once modest dwelling was transformed into a sprawling 23 room retreat.

The Indictment lays out a pattern of corruption, from the ice tunneling contracts on Hoth to recycling and salvage contracts awarded following the destruction of the Death Stars 1 and 2. Attorneys representing the Death Stars Primary construction contractor Geonosian Industries stated “I’m thrilled that Yoda will finally be held accountable for his actions related to the destruction of the Death Star.”

Geonosian Industries has been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with the Empire, the Rebel Alliance and AIG, the insurance company that underwrote the ill fated Death Stars construction bonds.