Happy New Year! : 3000 Dead: George W. Bush Sees "No end in 2007"
by Walid
Happy New Year!  Get ready for a bloody '07(Ucs News Crawford Texas) President George W. Bush took time off from his holiday vacation to spin the death of Lance Cpl. Stephen L. Morris. The President told the gathered media, "3000 dead is the cost of freedom, but the bills will surely be higher in 2007." The President went on to explain that least 20,000 more US troops will have the opportunity to die for his mistakes in 2007.

The new year seems to have brought out a new sense of candor from the President. With the election results showing US voters tired of the war, the President is trying to energize support for the failing cause. After the midterm set back, his first action was to ignore the voters entirely, then blame them for not having the resolve to "see it through".

The Presidents' second effort to boost support for the war was to rewrite the history of the Vietnam conflict. Only in the minds of George W. Bush and Henry Kissenger was the Vietnam war lost due to the lack of resolve and commitment. In the Bush retelling of the story, the 58,000 that died over 10 years "didn't have their hearts in it." Of course, in 1970, we knew what we were fighting for, right? It's different in 2007 only one man knows exactly why we fight....right?

Happy New Year!

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Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

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Dave wrote:
Would be great if you had ran it through a grammar checker first. Pitiful english.

jimmy jefferson wrote:
U suck

MarchDancer wrote:
jimmy jefferson: who sucks? dave for not enjoying the joke for what it was or walid for even giving us this reminder of what truly matters as we begin 2007?

Well, now. Perhaps it's the New Year and the visions of the quagmire taking ever more lives? Or possibly a bit too much of the bubbly created a "champagne headache", known to be one of the worst? Sure hope the two authors above are feeling better.

I don't feel a "thank you" is what I want to convey here, Walid. I've been thinking the same thoughts since the number 3,000 was in front of me. Although why that should be any different than the previous 2,999 I have no idea. (Dave, the incomplete sentence is deliberate. I write as if I'm in a conversation.)

Bush and his extended family did have a celebration, cut short by some piece of news that I've now forgotten. Possibly the deaths of 3,000 Americans and over...oh, who cares how many lives have been completely altered by injuries? Bush, Cheney and Rove sure don't.

Indeed, Walid. Happy New Year!

P.S. in December, 1968, one week before Christmas, on my daughter's first birthday, my family was attending the funeral of a cousin who had been killed in a fire fight in Viet Nam. Was our pain worse than any other family's? Of course not! Yet not a holiday season goes by that we do not remember the war that wasn't a war and all of the ones who are gone and the ones who will never be the same as they were before they got that notice from the Draft Board. Not a season. This entire axis of evil running this no-win war has never seen an hour of the...oh well we all know that. Just angry. Just full of memories. Just busy comparing the two wars.

wade wrote:
Walid here,
Dave you are right, got had my wife/editer proof it.

jimmy jefferson,
It's my right to suck.

it's sad, it's satire, it does not seem to be ending any time soon.


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