Rudy Giuliani: "My son doesn't speak to me but you can trust me to get along with China."
by Walid
Giuliani: a gay loving baby killer?(Myrtle Beach:Ucs News) Rudy Giuliani brought his Presidential campaign to South Carolina today and faced tough questions about his support for abortion and the estranged relationship with his son. Giulaina was also questioned about his lack of foreign policy experience.

When pressed on the abortion issue, Giuliani was forced to admit he is more inline with Democrats and that he "whole heartedly agrees with Nancy Pelosi on this issue critical to American women." Rudy was also forced to explain that he "Doesn't hate gays" and that "gay people do have the right to exist on Gods earth."

On the subject of foreign relations Giuliani had to explain that despite his failed marriages and current estrangement form his son that he knows how to seek compromises, show loyalty, display commitment and has excellent personal judgment. However, The South Carolina crowd was unwilling to let Giuliani gloss over the issue with his standard "I lived 9/11" boiler plate speech.

After a heated exchange with reporters Giuliani stated "I have two ex-wives that hate me, a son won't speak to me, but you can trust me to get along with China."

Giuliani will have to work hard to overcome his past. In a recent poll less than 10% of likely voters would choose a "gay loving" , "home wrecking" ," two timing" , "baby killing", "East coast liberal" even if he is s a Republican presidential candidate.

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