George W. Bush Agrees to Iraq War Funding Compromise
by Walid
Will Dems accept Bush offer?(Washington : Ucs News) What a difference a day makes. Just hours after vetoing the Democrat's Iraq war funding bill the President has offered a compromise. The President made the offer and invited top Democrates to the Oval office.

According to his spokesman Tony Snow the President offered to "stand on my desk chair so the Democrats can kiss my butt without bending over."

"It's a fair offer under the circumstance" Stated Snow. Snow went on to explain the President is concerned the Democrats are using his failed war policy and the President's dismal poll numbers against him, unfairly.

According to Snow The President is offering the compromise in effort to bring Democrats to the negotiating table. "it's time the people of the Untied States remember who is the boss, Commander and Chief."

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