Nude Britney Pics Prompt State of Emergency in Pakistan
by Dood Abides
Britney Spears in LA Hotel pool with pakistani president Pervez Musharraf

Los Angeles, CA (O! Online) - Pictures of a nude Britney Spears along with companion Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf surfaced today, prompting the dictator/president to declare a state of emergency in his home country. Eyewitness accounts stated that a drunken Spears had returned to the hotel and hot tub of her previous assignation with a 21-year-old college student, and demanded satisfaction from an older man. Musharraf, who apparently had had a bit to drink as well, stripped down and entered the tub with Miss Spears. Pictures of the incident have apparently surfaced in Pakistan prompting the Pakistani Congress to demand Musharraf's resignation.

A spokesperson for Musharraf insisted that the president was innocent, and had indeed been visiting the United States clandestinely in an effort to meet with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in regards to his possible presidential candidacy. Musharraf's spokesperson further stated that the President was obviously being set up by the American CIA.

Eyewitnesses consistently reaffirmed the story and specifics in regards to the meeting between the two. They stated that there was an obvious degree of mutual attraction between the two, with Spears referring to the president as "Pervy". Spears cheered loudly, insisting that the president walked in the nude as if on a fashion runway. Eyewitnesses related that Musharraf was adorned with multiple "support the troops" fake tattoos covering strategic locations on his body.

Security services for both Musharraf and Spears broke up the meeting before it progressed much farther. Upon Musharraf's return home, he promptly declared martial law in Pakistan.

A spokesperson for Miss Spears stated that she was disappointed over the turn of events, and hoped that she would be able to continue the relationship with Musharraf. According to the spokesperson, Spears was pleasantly surprised at how well the president interacted with her two infant sons, and was interested in his suggestion that they might benefit from a madrasas education. "I think we should all just trust the president," concluded Spears.

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Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

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Asra Khan wrote:
WHAT THE FUDGE?? YOU CAN SOOO TELL ITS EDITED! guess you had nothing better to do! but yeah true that! YOu have got some skills! but rather use 'em for some good reason and make money! aint gunna get nothing for doin shit like that! :D

maggie wrote:
She is different form others. She like being nude outside. I saw her nude photos and profile on just now. Maybe he is dating with a nudist guy. wow

raahicman wrote:
i like it but no proffesional skills in this pic any way try to make better

LALA wrote:
lol she is already dating a Pakistani now so this story might just be possible

Zia Malik wrote:
This pic should be the height of embaressmnet for its editor! I would like to be agree with Asra Khan that if you could ever get skills, you must use it for the good things. Point for your effort are -10.

Ahad khan wrote:
well, i dont feel embarassed at all for being a pakistani becuase of this pic of musharaf, he is already an embaresment for us. i would really admire someone who could take out any real pics of such a deed, as i have heard "musharaf k sar par chirya bhi par nhi mar skti" (even a sparrow cannot fly over musharaf)

ALVA wrote:

ALVA wrote:

Dharmraj wrote:
It was good but 1doubt is this news is write or wrong i guess that 65%might be write and 35% wrong. By considering spears it 100% right but if we take Musharraf it is not true because he is a president of pakistan and he has a reputation in the world .

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