FOX News explains gayness and lesbianism
by Dominus Noster
NEW YORK -- On Geraldo Rivera's FOX News' program, At Large, television personalities Laurie Dhue and "Dr." Victoria Zdrok explained homosexual behavior. At 3:11 - after Geraldo's groundbreaking story about how the inside of cars gets hot in hot weather - into the clip, Laurie Dhue did a salient job of telling everybody how sad it is that homosexuals have to go to public places for self-gratification.

At about 4:09 into the clip, FOX News' expert psychologist, Victoria Zdrok, explained how powerful sexual urges really are.

FOX News expert psychologist, Victoria Zdrok.  Photo from

"As soon as people reach the state of sexual arousal, they are overcome with an adrenaline rush, their thinking process gets shut off, and they are then much more susceptible to being influenced by slogans and cheap propaganda," said Ms. Zdrok. "People no longer care what is being said. This has no doubt been a huge reason for the success behind FOX News and other networks using lipstick-smacking blondes who really know nothing, but just repeat various Bush administration talking points."

Many psychologists say that as soon as somebody sees a visual depiction of sex, they stop thinking and reading. If you are still reading this article right now, instead of looking at the picture of FOX News' expert psychologist Victoria Zdrok, then you are the exception.

As soon as Ms. Zdrok finished speaking, her and Laurie Dhue gave a demonstration by making out with one another.

In an effort to educate viewers about the effects of gay and lesbian sex, FOX News will be releasing the All Homosexual Sex calendar, featuring various FOX News personalities engaged in homosexual conduct. Ms. Victoria Zdrok will be featured in January.

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