Tucker Carlson: "I question John McCain's loyalty to the GOP."
by Walid
T.C. "I just don't like John McCain."By Tucker Carlson (UCS News Special Assignment ) John McCain turns out to be less loyal Republican party than I expected. While I have no doubt he is a fine patriot dedicated to the USA, His lapel pin proves this to me. However, I don't believe he is truly loyal to the GOP. Just look at the color of the Straight Talk Express! It's Democratic blue for christ sake!

I have said for years McCain has a problem with the GOP rank and file. The Original Straight talk express from 2000 was also Democratic blue an he lost the nomination-I prove my point. But I think the blue bus is a symbol of McCain deep down hatred of his own party.

McCain's bitterness at his own party seems to grow by the hour. Infuriated by attacks leveled at him by and conservatives, McCain began to devote a sizable chunk of his stump speeches pandering to the nations feckless independents. "My friends," he would say, his voice rising for emphasis, "Our party has lost its way. It has become captive to the special interests."

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